Ice Skating

Nothing compares to ice skating as a family activity. Another amusing way to embrace the Quebec winter. You have never skated before, and the thought of being on the ice skating rinks makes you shiver? Here are some useful tricks. It is expected that your body stiffens the first time you step onto a skating rink. […]

Laurentian Alpine Ski Resorts

A multitude of ski resorts await you! Are you up to hit the slopes in the beautiful snowy weather? You have rented your chalet in the right place! Indeed, the region has a multitude of ski resorts for all tastes and budgets. Put on your boots, let’s go! Les sommets Let’s start our overview with “Les […]

Pumpkin picking ritual

The pumpkin picking “ritual”

MORE THAN JUST HALLOWEEN DECORATION Instead of buying your pumpkin from a supermarket, how about you  pick it up yourself this year? At this time of year, the harvest of the popular gourd is abundant and there are many places in the Lower Laurentians to pick your own beautiful big orange ball. A fun and […]

Laurentian Cross-Country Skiing

Your winter wonderland No other region surpasses the Laurentians for the cross-country skiing it offers. Indeed, here we find more than 1000 km of trails to practice this sport, without counting the thirty ski centers and the nine ski clubs and schools spread throughout the territory. Here are some suggestions for practicing this sport so […]


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