Laurentian Alpine Ski Resorts

A multitude of ski resorts await you!

Are you up to hit the slopes in the beautiful snowy weather? You have rented your chalet in the right place!

Indeed, the region has a multitude of ski resorts for all tastes and budgets. Put on your boots, let’s go!

Les sommets

Let’s start our overview with “Les Sommets”, this group of resorts has 5 summits and no less than 156 trails. “Les sommets” include Saint-Sauveur, Versant Avila, Sommet Gabriel, Sommet Olympia, Sommet Morin Heights, and Sommet Edelweiss, the latter being located in the Outaouais region. The good news is that all of these centers are within walking distance of your chalet.

Mont Habitant

Other “independent” resorts have been delighting skiers for decades. Take, for example, Mont Habitant, which claims to offer the best skiing conditions in the Saint-Sauveur Valley, nothing less. We owe this ski resort to a certain Marvin “Mickey” Stein who lived in the old house of the Pagé farm in Saint-Sauveur. He quickly realizes that the mountain that sees through his window could become a real paradise for skiers. With his associates, Mickey traveled the mountain many times and in the winter of 1958-1959 the resort was born.

Mont Tremblant


In the region, the elevations are around 200 meters. For those who would like to experience greater elevations, they will have to travel a greater distance to get there and pay a few extra dollars. Indeed, Ski Tremblant with its 645 meters of vertical drop offers its daily ticket (during the high season) at $145.

Mont Alta

However, the prize for originality and adventure goes to Mount Alta. The atypical resort does as it pleases… to the delight of skiers who frequent the mountains assiduously. Indeed, the station only offers seasonal subscriptions, no daily tickets. Backcountry skiers adore Mount Alta, and for good reason. The station has given itself the mission of preserving the land located on the mountain. Here, no ski lifts, no grooming of the trails, no snowmobiles or mountain bikes are authorized. Here, it’s the skier and nature.

For those who would like to live the adventure, “demo” days aim to introduce the general public to the experience. The dates will soon be posted on their website (

For equipment rental, you will have to fall back on two shops in the region (Atmosphere in Saint-Sauveur and Roc&Ride in Val David). Introductory courses are also offered.

Besides skiing, visitors can also do telemark, splitboard, snow scoot. Snowshoe enthusiasts are welcome as long as they limit themselves to the ascent, and this, in the landscaped corridor. On the other hand, you will leave fatbikes, crazy carpets, snowmobiles and mountain bikes at home.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that dogs are allowed and the “zero waste” policy applies and wearing a leash is compulsory.

Ski equipment

Don’t have ski equipment? The vast majority of centers rent it for free often combined with a day ticket, the costs are reasonable. Completely new to the sport? No need to worry, snow schools abound. Well, you have no more excuses to try it out.

Tracks for all levels

Even if the elevations are rather modest (200 meters), there are trails for all tastes and all levels. Children will also find something for them, several centers have adapted the slopes for young budding skiers.

Post-ski activities

Although most centers provide you with restaurant and bar services, we are convinced that the best place for an unforgettable post-ski is the chalet you have rented!

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