Mont loup-garou park in Sainte-Adèle

Thanks to the efforts of the volunteer organization Plein Air Sainte‐Adèle and former mayor Nadine Brière, Mont Loup‐Garou park was finally inaugurated on June 11, 2021. the municipality acquires thirteen lots, thus protecting an immense natural territory of 788 acres, the equivalent of 595 football fields.

The park has nearly 50 km of trails dedicated to a plethora of activities such as mountain biking, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and fatbiking. A paradise for non-motorized outdoor activities.

We went there on a foggy morning in mid-September. Heavy rains had hit the area in the past few days. That day, a light drizzle had arrived, nothing to spoil our pleasure. First observation: despite the large quantities of water received, the trails are passable. Following the suggestions indicated on the map, we choose the following option: access the refuge at the summit of Mont Loup-Garou (498 meters above sea level) by the “La Poirier” path and return by the “Loup-Garou” path, which constitutes an 8 km loop. This intermediate level route can be done in about 3 hours.

From the first strides, we soak up the beauty of the place and its serenity, the park being located far from the main road, there is great tranquility. The detailed map and the numerous signs greatly facilitate our orientation. Halfway, intrigued by a sign announcing “Rocky Caps”, we branch off from our itinerary. A few hundred meters further on, another sign catches our attention: “Espace zen”, we decide to take a look. The zen space, a little away from the busier paths, is a real sanctuary of well-being, there are two Adirondack chairs judiciously placed so that you can enjoy the landscape. Next time I will bring my yoga mat and do some poses on it, no yoga studio can match this magical place. We take a few slow, deep breaths and resume our journey. Namaste.

The ascent to the refuge is quite easy, there are some more “technical” rocky passages, but nothing to scare the beginner hiker. The pretty refuge can serve as a shelter for a snack if Mother Nature is in a gloomy mood, otherwise we settle on the terrace. The interior walls testify to many passages of hikers and cyclists, there is hardly a single square centimeter left to affix your signature, even the ceiling is full. The descent is done very gently by the “Loup-Garou” trail, the latter is also used by mountain cyclists. If you go there on a busier day and are afraid of these “speedsters”, you can choose to return by the same path that took you to the summit. For our part, on this weekday morning, we did not see the shadow of a mountain biker. When leaving the parking lot, we made a generous voluntary contribution by slipping a few tickets into the box provided for this purpose. Not only do these types of initiatives provide residents and visitors with an unparalleled playground, but they also help protect areas from logging and residential developments. We tip our hats to Mont Loup-Garou Park and we collectively hope that this kind of project will multiply.


Starting point

1970, Farmer’s Road, Sainte-Adèle


Our last visit

September 21, 2022


Admission fees

Users are invited to make a voluntary contribution.


Should I bring my sticks or not?

They might come in handy if you decide to tackle the top.




And the dogs?

They are admitted, kept on a leash of course.



There are two picnic tables at the main entrance to the park, near the parking lot. Other tables (transformable benches) can also be found in different places in the park.


And if the urge arises?

Two compost toilets are located near the parking lot.


Download the trail map

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