Vélo randonnée Le p’tit train du nord

P’tit train du nord goes far: 234 km of pleasure

A classic from the Laurentians! Le p’tit train du nord is a 234 km linear park where cyclists and hikers come to admire the beauty of the place while enjoying an energizing experience all year round.


P’tit train du nord

P'tit Train du Nord Linear Park

Jump on your bike or put on your walking shoes, the little northern train is very close to our premium chalets. But before planning a ride, check the trail conditions on the park’s website.

The Green Route

Located between Saint-Jérôme and Mont-Laurier, the p’tit train du nord is part of the Route Verte, the longest cycling route in North America. Needless to say that fans of cycling, electric bikes, fatbikes and long hikes will be in heaven. For various route suggestions accompanied by a degree of difficulty, consult the interactive map of the Route Verte.

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