Ice Skating

Nothing compares to ice skating as a family activity. Another amusing way to embrace the Quebec winter. You have never skated before, and the thought of being on the ice skating rinks makes you shiver? Here are some useful tricks. It is expected that your body stiffens the first time you step onto a skating rink. However, in order to maintain balance, you must be flexible to avoid falling. You will develop confidence by gently leaning on the edge of the rink and taking small steps. Look far ahead and away from your feet. Once you feel ready, lean slightly and gently bend your knees. When you feel more confident, release the rink’s edge without straying off. Always keep in mind that to skate smoothly, maintaining a proper posture is the key; knees gently bent and body slightly leaning forward.To move forward, press on the weaker leg and generate momentum with the other one. Keep your legs parallel and let yourself slide, then alternate legs and repeat the movement. Now it is time to learn how to break immediately. There are two types of braking techniques; snowplow and skid.The snowplow technique is the easiest to master. First spread your legs apart, then place the heels outward and the toes inwards just as you do when skiing. Falling is inevitable, that is why it is important to learn how to fall. You will certainly fall several times so let’s make sure it goes off without a hitch. As soon as you feel that you are losing balance, bend your knees and crouch by placing your hands in front of you to cushion the fall. It will be easier to get up if you fall on your knees. That’s about it, all set! But where to go? Here are some suggestions of places to practice ice skating approximate to the chalet you are staying at. As we all know, the weather can swiftly worsen according to mother nature’s whims. In this case, it is always advisable to inquire about these places conditions before heading there. Parc John-H.-Molson, Saint-Sauveur A must-see attraction in the region! For many years, skaters have enjoyed the skating trail in the John H. Molson Park Forest. We even skate there at night and athletes also have access to three additional rinks provided by the municipality of Saint-Sauveur. It is worth noting that access to ice rinks and trails is limited to residents of the ‘MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut’ during peak hours so inquire in advance. Address: 20, rue Viviane, Saint-Sauveur Ligne Info-patinoire : 450 227-0000, poste 4099


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