Randonnée à St-Sauveur

Excursions in the region of Morin-Heights

Located just 80 km from Montreal, the town of Morin-Heights, named in honor of the famous French-Canadian politician Augustin-Norbert Morin, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is renowned for its historical and cultural richness as well as for its grandiose nature and relaxed atmosphere. Morin-Heights is also known for its lakes, forests and mountains as well as the diversity of its outdoor activities, accessible throughout the year.

Paddle board, canoe and kayak

Echo Lake

Ideal for a beautiful day trip on one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the region. The four-leaf clover-shaped lake offers different geology from bay to bay.

Simon's River

With its 26 km in length, is the ideal place for canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding. For equipment rental and more details, visit the Echo Aloha store.  


“Bouleaux” Parc

Start on this 4.8-km loop route near Morin-Heights, Quebec. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1h30 to cover it. It is a popular route for hiking and snowshoeing, but you can still enjoy some quiet moments.

Aerobic Corridor

This route from point A to point B of 10km. Generally considered a moderate course, it takes an average of 2 hours to cover it. A former railway linking Morin-Heights to Amherst, the Aerobic Corridor Park was created following the abandonment of rail service by CN in the early 1960s. It offers users a panoramic view of wooded landscapes, agricultural or natural. In addition, it offers a necklace of attractive, eclectic and welcoming village cores.

Morin-Heights backcountry loop

Loop route of 11km. Generally considered a moderate course, it takes an average of 3 hours to cover it. This route is ideal for cross-country skiing, hiking and snowshoeing. You can access it all year round and the experience is worth it in any season. You will need to leave your dog at the cabin as they are not allowed on this trail.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

Sommet Saint-Sauveur Bike Park

On the Avila side, mountain bike trails are created to appeal to all levels of “riders”, from beginners to more efficient athletes. Wide, fast, full of obstacles and jumps, or easy with various options, the cyclist in you is in for a treat! Want to test the trails, but don’t have any equipment? No problem, drop by the boutique and you’ll find everything you need for rent.

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