Multifunctional Trails In The Heart Of The Forest Morin-Heights

Basler Park is a fantastic choice for first-time hikers or young families seeking to introduce their children to hiking. The majority of the paths are flexible and multifunctional, offering thrilling activities for hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers alike.

The trails are only a few hundred metres to 2.7 kilometres long. There is no need to sketch out your itinerary; thus, don’t be afraid to discard your map and follow your gut; the likelihood of getting lost is virtually nil.
There are numerous signs all along the trails that illustrate the park’s map. To determine your beginning point and to keep track of where you are, it is sufficient to check them from time to time.
Upon that bulk of the pathways, runners, walkers, and cyclists interact in perfect harmony .
Whilst there aren’t any particularly difficult or descent climbs in this area, there are some paths that are a little more “steep,” albeit nothing that would frighten a rookie hiker.
The lush woodland brings peace. Nevertheless, there are no points of view.
If you want to explore and appreciate the area in tranquillity, visits throughout the week are the ideal choice; on weekends, however, we should anticipate heavier traffic.

Starting point

99 Lac Echo Road, Morin-Heights


Our last visit

September 12, 2022


Admission fees

It’s free for hikers and runners. A $10 fee applies for those who ride their mountain bike.


Should I bring my sticks or not?

If you insist on it, but not really necessary.




And the dogs?

They are admitted, kept on a leash of course.



It’s possible. At the entrance, in the parking lot.


And if the urge arises?

You will find (chemical) toilets at the entrance.


Download the trail map

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